Neurological Levels

The model of Neurogical Levels is created by Robert Dilts. The model of Neurogical Levels includes these levels

Environment (questions where?, when?). On this level individual should answer following questions:
• Where the event happens
• Who where there
• When I happens
Behaviour (main queston What?). The individual should answer
• What are you doing
• Which action did you take
Competence/abilities (main question How?) Other questions are
• Are you able to do this?
• Are you competent? Do you have skills/.
• What strategy do you have to do this?
Beliefs/Values (main question Why?) Most important questions
• What is important for you?
• How do you value this?
• What is your belief about this?
Identity (main question Who?) Important questions:
• Who are you on this level?
• Are you a person that…..
• What kind of person are you?
Mission/Spirituality (main question For what purpose?)
• What do this for you in the life?
• What is your gain in the life?
• Is this fulfilling your life?

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